Each year, the South Carolina Farm to School Program awards schools with mini-grants to implement the four core components of Farm to School. In addition to grant funding, grantees receive technical assistance from program staff throughout the entire school year as well training opportunities that include a one-day workshop (Action Institute), Garden Workshop, and Culinary Training.

The South Carolina Farm to School Program does not currently have funding available. 

Grant funding for schools is usually announced early Spring, but here is an example of the Request for Proposal for the 2016-17 grant announcement.

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This page contains information relevant to current Farm to School grantees. For more information, please contact us!

View our previous grantees from past years.

Reimbursable Items

Funds can only be used to implement the Farm to School project. Use of funds for any other purposes is prohibited. Grantees should refer to this handout before making purchases for their Farm to School project.

Reimbursable Items

Download the Reimbursable Items

Budget Sheets

Grantees are required to fill out budget reports at the start of the school year, in January, and at the end of the school year. Grantees can download this document to send in their school budget.

School Budget Template

Download the School Budget Template

Garden Supplies Worksheet

There are many different supplies needed for starting a garden at your school. This guide has a list of supplies that you may need to purchase when starting your garden sorted by the type of garden – whether it is in-ground, container or raised garden bed.

Garden Supplies Worksheet

Download the Garden Supplies Worksheet

2016-2017 SC Farm to School Program

Download the 2016-2017 Map