National Farm to School Month

Join the Southeast Crunch for Farm to School Month!

crunch logoJoin the Southeast states of North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee in celebrating National Farm to School Month by crunching into a locally grown item at NOON on Friday October 21, 2016.  Participants of all ages are invited to crunch!

Each state in the Southeast region will be crunching a fruit or veggie that is available from local farms in October. This event is about celebrating the region’s diversity and wide variety of products grown by local farmers! The state of South Carolina will be crunching cucumbers.

Ready to start planning your Crunch? We have created a Crunch Guide with information on sourcing your state’s product, ways to connect to curriculum, a press release template to help you share your Crunch with the local community, and more! Sign up to get your crunchers counted and to receive your Crunch Guide.


Celebrate National Farm to School Month in October!

October is National Farm to School Month, a time to celebrate connections happening all over the country between schools and local food!

Farm to school enriches the connection communities have with fresh, healthy food and local food producers by changing food purchasing and education practices at schools and preschools. Farm to school is reaching millions of students in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. In addition to improving child health, when schools buy local, they create new markets for local and regional farmers and contribute to vibrant communities, a win-win-win scenario!

Whether you are a food service professional, a farmer, a teacher or a food-loving family, there are plenty of ways to celebrate National Farm to School Month! Learn more about National Farm to School Month, farm to school projects in your community, and how you can get involved by visiting the National Farm to School Network’s website,

Suggestions for celebrating National Farm to School month in South Carolina:

  • Start your fall garden-Kick off your Farm to School spirit this month! Students will become excited when they see growth in the garden!
  • Have a Farm to School parade– Parade through the hallways with safe garden tools, SC Farm to School signs, garden books, and anything else to show you are Farm to School ready!
  • Host a harvest dinner-Invite students, families and community members to a harvest dinner featuring local South Carolina produce.
  • Visit a local farm or farmer’s market– Check of the SC Field trip Guide for your region.
  • Have students compete in a Farm to School Fair– a student or a group of students to create a presentation discussing different facts about a SC fruit, vegetable, recipe or farmer.
  • Invite a farmer as a guest speaker– The SC Farm to Institution Farmer Profile will help you find a farmer near you!
  • Have a taste test with SC produce– The SC Farm to School Taste Test Guide will help you organize a successful taste test for your school!
  • Host a Farmer’s Market Fair-Invite local farmers to sell their produce for students, faculty, and staff to purchase.
  • Create garden decorations and/or garden aprons– Create labels, signs, wind-chimes or other decorations to help make your garden beautiful. Visit the SC Farm to School Pinterest board for more ideas!
  • Have an Instagram, Twitter, or other social media photo challenge– Using the hashtag #F2SMonth and #SCFarmtoSchool, create a list for everyone to take a picture of Farm to School activities. The grade or class that complete the list wins a prize, like eating lunch in the garden.

Here are some more ways to can connect with the National Farm to School Month campaign:

  • Visit the NFSN website:
  • #F2SMonth and #farmtoschool – Use these hashtags in your social media messages
  • @FarmtoSchool – follow NFSN on Twitter
  • @SCFarmtoSchool – follow SC Farm to School on Twitter
  • Follow National Farm to School Network on Facebook




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